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There is nothing like cooking with farm fresh eggs. Ours are pretty freakin awesome. Get yours for only $5 a dozen! 

Coming out of their shells - just in time for Spring!

Now accepting orders for hatching chicks!

If you're interested in quality breeding stock, we have chicks available this Spring and throughout the summer to get you started. 


Chicks are $7 each, straight run.

No minimum order for on-farm pick-up.

25 chick minimum order for mail shipment.

Shipping and handling is $45.50 per 25 chicks.


Chicks hatch and are ready for pick-up/shipment on Monday afternoons.

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We specialize in two rare heritage breeds - Silver Gray Dorkings and Delawares. We also maintain small quantities of Welsummers and Marans to provide a splash of color for our egg customers. 


We traveled all over the US to assemble a genetically-diverse flock from top lines. We have been selecting for both breed type and production qualities and have made great strides with regards to size, growth rate, and egg-laying ability. The girls, as should be typical, have laid well throughout the winter. And it was a rough winter! But they're still going strong and laying more than ever! 


These are definitely not your average hatchery quality birds. That's why they're called the "cool chicks."

where the cool chicks get laid.

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