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A Commitment to Conservation

We focus on critically endangered livestock breeds because 1) they need us, 2) they are well-suited to small farm and homestead environments, and 3) it is essential to preserve the genetic diversity of livestock populations. 


Why raise critically endangered livestock?


Domestic animals make a major contribution to human requirements for meat, milk, dairy products, eggs, fiber, fertilizer, and draught power. More than 4,500 breeds drawn from more than 40 animal species make these contributions.


These breeds, developed over the past 12,000 years, represent the remaining pool of genetic diversity from which future demands must be met. However, they are currently dying out at a rate of six breeds per month. 30% of the world's breeds are at risk of extinction. 


These breeds possess valuable traits such as adaptation to harsh conditions, including tolerance of parasites, infectious diseases, drought, and poor quality feed. They are being replaced in both developed and developing countries by a few high production breeds which, to be successful, require high inputs, skilled management and comparatively benign environments. 

At RoundAbout Farm, we specialize in animal breeds that thrive in the family farm environment, and attempt to select for small-farm traits in our breeding programs. These include: health, gentle temperaments, multi-purpose, climate-hardy, feed-efficient, productive, able to thrive in a multi-species environment, and of course - beauty. 


Given their traditional roles in family farms, many of our animals are considered "heritage breeds" - and we specialize in several critically rare livestock species. When you purchase a RoundAbout Farm animal, you can be sure that it is healthy, well-bred, well-socialized with people and other animals, treated humanely, raised on healthy, natural foods, will be a productive member of your family farm, and give you all sorts of joy and good times.

Livestock Breeds

This is the goat that announces it's magical fun-loving charisma in it's name. They're miniature. Their coats are silky. They faint. These pint-sized lawn mowers are a perpetual source of entertainment with their playful dispositions and affectionate nature. 

Silver Grey Dorkings, Welsummers, Delawares and Rose-comb Anconas...OH MY! We proudly sell breeding stock, chicks, and farm fresh eggs.


RoundAbout Farm. It's where the cool chicks get laid...

One of the rarest donkey's on earth, these giant-eared, shaggy asses are among the most endearing and distinctive animals at RoundAbout. With less than 2000 in existence world-wide, we're working hard to conserve this exceptional breed. 

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Meet our brilliant cast of supporting farm characters who keep us laughing and on our toes. 

The Milking Devon is a medium sized triple-purpose breed adapted to survive on a low-quality, high forage diet under severe climatic conditions. Back in the day, none could surpass it for draft work; the milk was good for cream and cheese making, and the beef is delicious. 

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