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There is NO WAY we could do what we do without the help of some VERY VERY special friends. Well, more than friends. They are our RoundAbout family. These folks show up in the middle of the night when it all hits the fan, celebrate the day to day joys with us, and are there to walk with us through the heartbreaks.


Rebecca Schroeder and Andy Sgrignoli love each RoundAbout critter like their own, invest much time and energy helping us create the best possible life for the crew, and hold down the fort when we need to be away-- which is no easy task! Rebecca can do no wrong in the eyes of our gang, and is pretty much revered by each RoundAbout critter as a guardian angel. (We're pretty sure she is ours too!) 


Ashley Pfannenstiel and Shannon Porter are always there when we need them-- and are better than we are at knowing when that is! They have a fifth sense for impending doom at RoundAbout, and always show up to save the day! Needless to say, we count on them for, well, everything! But, Ashley and Shannon and are especially distinguished puppy godparents. Whenever we have to be away and there are RoundAbout babies afoot, you can bet they will be passing their time with their beloved Ashley and Shannon!


Ashley and Shannon are also the owners of Wilson Creek Pottery - which is some of the most beautiful, handmade, functional stoneware you'll ever see. Check out their website and get on the bandwagon. Their stuff is killer. Seriously.


We seem to reach just about every important destination in our lives in a roundabout way. Though we've tried to plan our routes carefully, we’ve learned that the best things in life often happen when we miss the turn.


Not surprisingly, we missed a few turns on our way to naming the farm. But once we arrived, it perfectly summarized the way we navigate the road we travel together.  We have a clear vision of where we want the road to take us - but along the journey, we embrace the unexpected and appreciate the learning and laughter that happens by taking the scenic route. 


So how does a Harvard-educated college professor from East Tennessee and a self-made marketing exec from LA end up living on a farm in Wisconsin raising champion show dogs and rare heritage livestock? Well, in a RoundAbout way, of course...


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