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Named after the village of Welsum, this Dutch breedis considered to be one of the top free-range foragers of all the egg-layingbreeds. They are equally renowned for their large, rich brown-colored eggs,favored by many of our RoundAbout egg customers. But more than a pretty shell,we have found our Welsummers to be very good layers, productive even during the cold Wisconsin winters (the breed is said to average 160 eggs per year, andmany of our girls perform even better). Our pullet eggs typically grade USDA"large" and eggs from adult hens consistently hit the large and extralarge USDA weights.


We select for production qualities, deep chocolate egg color, and breed type in our breeding program. Though we sell our chicks straight-run, Welsummer babies are easily sexed at hatching with females having much darker head and back markings than males.

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Hen - 6 lbs                     Rooster - 7 lbs 

Pullet - 5 lbs                   Cockerel - 6 lbs



Dual Purpose: Egg laying and meat production


Egg Shell Color: 

Dark Brown


Egg Production:

180+ eggs per year. 



Yes, Recognized by the Standard of Perfection



Not listed


We took over a breeding program from an old-time breeder, who had been selecting for both conformation and production.


We're very pleased with the quality - with our breeding birds being exceptional. We have made good strides with regards to size, growth rate, and egg-laying. The girls, as should be typical, have layer well through out the winter! The breed still has a ways to go, but we've worked hard to make progress.



Chicks are $7 each, straight run.

There is no minimum order for on-farm pick-up.



25 chick minimum order for mail shipment. Shipping and handling is $45.50 per 25 chicks.



Chicks hatch and are ready for pick-up/shipment on Monday afternoons.


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